Deposit Terms and Conditions

All puppy deposits are 1/2 down and NON-REFUNDABLE but are transferable to any puppy within 30 days. There will be a transfer fee if the request has been made after 24 hours of the initial deposit. Transfer fee is 10% of the initial cost of the original puppy that was chosen. (Example: Puppy Cost 2300.00 = Transfer Fee 230.00) Certain restrictions apply. 

Buyer understands, acknowledges and agrees that if they fail to pay to Seller the remaining balance, said NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT shall be forfeited. Once a NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT has been made, you will have seven 72 hours to pick up your puppy unless other arrangements have been made. If your puppy has not been picked up within seven 72 hours, your NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT will be forfeited and the puppy will be sold unless you have contacted our company and made prior arrangements.
Notice: 72 Hour period may be decreased during holidays due to limited space for holding puppies.

In the event the puppy was paid in full, the NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT 0f one half (1/2) the cost the puppy will still apply. The deposit will still be transferable to another within thirty (30) days if an agreement has been made prior to cancellation of sale.

If you have additional questions on making a deposit for your new puppy, please contact by email at or call/text 520-988-3999 Wednesday through Sunday from 11am to 6pm. Thank you.